Black Vaudeville

Anna Madah Hyers. Dressed as 'Urlina' in the opera 'Urlina the African Princess' (1879)

Emma Louise Hyers as she appeared in the theatre in 'African Princess' (1879)

May C Hyers (circa 1880s) She was the first African American female to make recordings. She was also the stepmom to Anna and Emma Hyers.

Aida Overton Walker (circa 1880s)

Semoura Clark (1913)

Kathlyn Jones in costume (circa 1900s)

Madam Sul-Te-Wan (circa 1900s)

Aida Overton Walker (1900s)

Adelaide Hall (1929)

Saidie Sellyna (1919)

Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix (Jimi's Paternal Grandparents) circa 1900s

Aida Overton Walker (circa 1900s)

Montrose Sisters (1896)

So Different Southern Four (circa 1900s)

Name unknown (circa 1920s)

Minnie Brown (1907)

Evelyn Dove (circa 1920s)

Names unknown (circa 1920s)

McAdoo's Georgia Minstrels (1899)

'Oriental' Opera Company (1892)

Evelyn Preer (circa 1900s)

Mae Olden (1917)

Lillyn Brown (1920)

Aida Overton Walker (circa 1900s)

Aida Overton Walker (1900s)

I chose to only include photos and names when I could.  My goal is to have visitors to this blog do their own research, make their own discoveries.

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